Bird Wire Netting – 13mm Hex mesh


Bird Netting – 50m x 180cm

0.56mm and a small hexagon aperture of 13mm




This versatile wire, comes in a range of sizes, and has an array of uses:

Customers have used this product for vermin barriers, bird enclosures and even craft!  This easy to shape wire means that you can mould it to suit your design.






  • 13mm (1/2″) hex aperture
  • Wire diameter is 0.56mm for light duty applications
  • This product is made from galvanised steel wire.  This helps to provide strength and additional protection from the weather.



The supplier recommends prior to using new galvanised wire mesh in pet cages & aviaries, the wire be treated to remove excess zinc that could possibly harm the pets.   To do this, carefully shave off any zinc spikes with a utility knife. The mesh should then be scrubbed with a mild solution of vinegar (2 cups in a bucket of water), and rinsed with clean water.

We stock bird netting in 5 different heights, for your convenience:

Code Product Name Length (m) Height (cm) Aperture (cm) Finish Wire Diameter (mm)
10432 Bird Netting 50 30 1.3 Galvanised 0.56
10434 Bird Netting 50 60 1.3 Galvanised 0.56
10435 Bird Netting 50 90 1.3 Galvanised 0.56
10436 Bird Netting 50 120 1.3 Galvanised 0.56
10437 Bird Netting 50 180 1.3 Galvanised 0.56


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Bird Wire Netting

30cm x 50m, 60cm x 50m, 90cm x 50m, 120cm x 50m, 180cm x 50m


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