HEAVY RURAL NETTING 40mm Hex x 1.4mm Heavy Galv


Heavy Rural Netting – 40mm hex x 1.40mm





Whites Rural Heavy Netting is a versatile heavily galvanised netting for rural and heavy duty applications.

Netting with a 4 cm aperture and 1.4mm wire diameter (often referred to as rabbit netting) is available in varying heights. Suggested uses are:

  • 30cm – reconditioning of existing fences, garden edging
  • 60cm – reconditioning of existing fences, ducks
  • 90cm – rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards4timeslonger
  • 105cm – rabbit proofing, boundary fencing & tree guards
  • 120cm – boundary and feral fencing, poultry
  • 180cm – feral fencing, poultry and animal enclosures


Code Height Aperture (nom.) Wire Dia. (nom.) Roll Length Roll Weight Pallet Qty. Galv. Coating
10451 30cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 13kg 16 Heavy Galv.
10452 60cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 26kg 18 Heavy Galv.
10454 90cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 36kg 9 Heavy Galv.
10474 90cm 4cm 1.4mm 100m 75kg 9 Heavy Galv.
10455 105cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 42kg 9 Heavy Galv.
10475 105cm 4cm 1.4mm 100m 86kg 9 Heavy Galv.
10456 120cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 48kg 9 Heavy Galv.
10458 180cm 4cm 1.4mm 50m 74kg 9 Heavy Galv.


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30cm x 50 metres, 60cm x 50 metres, 90cm x 50 metres, 105cm x 50 metres, 120cm x 50 metres, 180cm x 50 metres