Ag-Pipe – Slotted and Socked 65mm or 100mm


Socked Ag-Pipe

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Our socked ag-pipe is available in 2 popular sizes:

100mm Diameter – Roll Sizes – 20m, 50m and 100mSocked Ag Pipe

65mm Diameter – Roll Sizes –  20m and 200m.

Ideal for use-:

  • Behind Retaining walls
  • To drain wet areas through sub surface drainage

The sock is a geotextile filtersock that prevents silt from entering the agpipe and clogging your drainage system.

One of the biggest causes of retaining wall failure is poor, inadequate and clogged drainage systems.  The sock prevents clay and other fine particles from entering the pipe work which ultimately leads to pipe blockage.


For the ultimate drainage system this Socked ag-pipe should be used in conjunction with a geotextile fabric.

Geotextile fabric is a fabric that prevents silt migration, it should be used in a u shape behind the retaining wall and folded over the top of the gravel to prevent silt from entering into the gravel.

We sell geotextiles and ag pipes in different sizes to suit different applications.


If you are new to ag-pipe, we’ve written a handy quick Tip Sheet for you:


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65mm x 20m – Socked, 65mm x 200m – Socked, 100mm x 20m – Socked, 100mm x 50m – Socked, 100mm x 100m – Socked


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