Thunderbird EF-SGCNET Thundernet ( Sheep / Goat / Calf )

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Thundernet Electric Netting – ( Sheep / Goat / Calf )


Thundernet – 50m x 108cm 


Thunderbird Thundernet is the ideal netting for Sheep, Calf and Goats.


With it’s quick and easy set up, you can have it connected in 10 minutes!


Designed to handle uneven terrain, the Thundernet is 50m long, and features:


  • 10 horizontal wires
  • Height 108 cm
  • 14 tread in posts with double prong feet
  • Strong vertical plastic struts every 30cm
  • Bottom wire is not electrified
  • Can be connected/added to more nets
  • Strengthened top strand with high conductive tinned copper wires
  • UV stabilized plastic


Suitable for sheep, goats, calves and for free range pigs.


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 130 × 22 × 22 cm


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