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Stockade Rural Fencing Stapler – Which one is right for you?

Which STOCKade Fencing Stapler

will suit your needs?


Below, Mark has written some handy hints & tips to help you find the best  Stockade Rural Fencing Stapler for your needs. 

STOCKade – Use the tools the professionals choose!!



The STOCKade ST400 is a pneumatic  (Air Operated) Staple Gun.  It is the entry level tool, designed for driving barbed staples into treated pine posts.  Staple sizes available include 45mm and 50mm.  This tool will struggle driving staples into hardwood, particularly QLD hardwood species.  Some hand finishing maybe required in these hardwoods.


The STOCKade ST315i is now our most popular stapler.  It utilises the cordless technology, no air required.  The ST315i fires a 3.15mm staple available in two sizes -: 33mm Barbed and 40mm Plain. This tool is ideal for people who use both hardwood and pine.  The 33mm barbed staple is often used in pine and hardwood posts and rails.  It is ideal for attaching chain mesh and wire mesh to fence rails and posts.  We also have roofing companies that utilise this tool for attaching roof mesh to hardwood battens.

The “Big Boy” ST400i – A large cordless staple capable of driving 40mm or 50mm 4mm Barbed staples mainly into pine posts.  We sell a lot of these tools to fencing contractors using pine posts, vineyards and farmers.  This tool is perfect for installing new fencing, trellis wires in vineyards or for fencing repairs.

Stockade A515 Hog Ring Gun is a lightweight versatile C clipping tool.  At 1.4kg, it allows for comfortable use all day.  Air operated, just the slight pull of the trigger puts the tool into action quickly clipping off mesh to wires.  The tool the professionals choose to use!

Check out a Stockade ST400i in action here: